Know the who, what, where and when behind all your assets in a defined area.

Fleet Management Made Simple

Mixed fleet management has many moving parts. Gauge the performance of your fleet in action while preventing lost or stolen items. Smart Hub’s geofencing capabilities combined with Gauge Gear – GPS-driven devices designed to meet exacting specifications and installed by our experts – is a powerful combination. Set up alerts and notifications each time an asset enters or exits a job site or any area you’ve virtually defined with a geofence. This is fleet management made simple.

Grow Fast and Furious

Geofencing has many advantages for mixed fleet operations. It takes the guesswork out of what’s happening on a job site and gives you instant access to real-time information. 

Theft Prevention Within a Defined Area

Reduce lost or stolen equipment and vehicles within defined work areas. Get instant answers regarding on-road and off-road assets, trailers and equipment. When you have the right information, problem-solving and decision-making become easier.

Check Asset Availability, Instantly

What’s your fleet replacement strategy? Instantly access on-road and off-road assets, trailers and equipment, and maintenance history for smarter fleet aging and buying decisions.

Less Time Making Calls

Using GPS satellites, vehicle departures or arrivals are electronically tagged, making it easier and faster to find out where your assets are in real-time.

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