Douglas A. Mitchell

Director of Engineering and Quality Assurance

In 2005ish, my dad was on the leading edge of integrating telematics into agriculture.  He worked with several small companies to outfit his planter, sprayers, cultivators, and combine with ultra-accurate telemetry (sub-inch accuracy).  This was revolutionary at the time and allowed him to precisely control seed density, fertilizer and spray application, and understand yield densities.  I have always been fascinated on how companies control costs, enhance yield and use data to measure their asset utilization. In working with our customers, I now develop  hardware/software requirements, validate hardware, run experiments, analyze data, ensure data integrity and proactively identify issues with devices in the field.

I am a proud owner of Lilli, a five-year-old Goldendoodle. I enjoy creating with my hands from gardening to landscaping to woodworking.


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