Gauge Launches New Website

Gauge, a leading provider of innovative cloud-based global fleet tracking and equipment management solutions for heavy construction, government and fire and water restoration, recently announced the launch of its new website,

The new Gauge website showcases a comprehensive suite of capabilities backed by the company’s trusted expertise and redefines what it means to deliver a strong customer experience in the telematics space. With an updated online journey, Gauge helps customers solve challenges related to fleet and asset management.

Visitors will notice a refreshed color palette that includes a light blue to go along with Gauge’s traditional gold and gray color scheme. They’ll also see the new Gauge tagline “Measure What Matters” in a scrolling headline feature that reads, “Measure Utilization. Measure Safety. Measure Maintenance. Measure Efficiency. Measure Security. Measure What Matters.”  

The tagline brings the Gauge mission home for C-suite owners and fleet managers who want to understand what matters most and how Gauge’s Smart Hub solution, coupled with its Gear, can help them make informed, data-driven decisions. Several new sections of the website were added with this in mind:

  • The Solutions section makes it clear which customer problems Gauge is best positioned to solve through its diverse capabilities. 
  • Under the Products section, viewers learn how the Smart Hub platform can support asset health, profitability and productivity while reviewing the world-class hardware Gauge installs.
  • New Guides under the Resources section offer free, helpful advice about what to consider when looking for a telematics provider.
  • The website also provides deeper insight into the Gauge team, with key leadership profiles highlighting their telematics expertise and upcoming events where business leaders can meet with Gauge to learn more.

Throughout the site, equipment managers will also notice several easy calls-to-action, including the opportunity to schedule a demo, sign up for the Gauge newsletter, learn more about products, or speak directly to someone.

“It was time for us to rethink how fleet managers research and consider technology solutions like ours. They want to quickly gather important data about their assets and turn that data into decision-making insights. That’s what we do best in the market and now we have an online resource that helps our customers make smarter buying decisions.” said Mike Paredes, CEO.

The new website makes it easier for customers to compare options and see where Gauge excels at reducing costs, improving safety, and maximizing their return on capital investments. 

For more information: 

ABOUT GAUGE: Gauge is a leading Indianapolis-based provider of innovative cloud-based global fleet tracking and equipment management solutions for heavy construction, government and fire and water restoration industries. For the past decade, Gauge has been committed to helping heavy construction companies find new ways to manage their assets while reducing costs, boosting productivity, improving safety and security, and maximizing their return on capital investments.


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